A Live Dungeons & Dragons Comedy Show and Podcast


Dragon Friends is a monthly comedy show and podcast where comedians muddle through their first Dungeons & Dragons adventure campaign.

Come along and join the fun! No D&D experience necessary.

Latest Podcast Episode

Welcome to the fabled floating port city in the sky where anything can be bought for the right price. Gifts and gadgets, Trinkets and treasure, any retail desire can be sated! Will the Dragon friends get their Yulemas shopping done in time to make the last airship home!? There’s only one way to find out!

Listen to the episode here.

Next Live Show – Feb 2018

Bobby, Philge and Freezo are going to go PLACES. They will roll DICE. They will do THINGS. They will LEARN and GROW and MURDER. You can be there too!

We’re back on February 13. Same time, same awesome venue. See you all then.

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Tomb of Annihilation Season 2

The Dragon Friends have made it to the Lost City of Omu (Ooomoo?). What lies before them now that they have finally arrived at the place that every other #ToA group got to in just a few weeks.

Watch episode four now.

Next episode: 19 Jan, 5pm PT / 20 Jan, 12pm AEDT

Let’s Play: Tomb of Annihilation

We did our first ever fully live stream! In it, the Dragon Friends muddle their way through the Tomb of Annihilation board game. You can watch it all here!